Energy management solutions - P.O.A

Energy management solutions - P.O.A

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We can help you reduce your energy costs.

We can help reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

We can design an Energy Management Control Panel (EMP) with the information you supply.

All electrical equipment will be managed by timing controls.


  •     It can achieve an estimated 20% saving on energy costs by managing energy use.
  •     The EMP manages the times that your appliances turn on and off – automatically
  •     The EMP can control all of your electrical appliances from coffee machines to ovens, illuminated signage and air conditioning.
  •     Can reduce the conflict between heating and refrigeration, thus reducing maintenance costs incurred by equipment breakdown.
  •     Reduction in staff costs.  No need for an early starter.
  •     Eliminates the risk of appliances being left on overnight.


Electrical\Energy conservation manufactured to your specifications

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